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Cast & Crew
Michael McKiddy
("Dallas" / Director/Writer / Co-Creator / Producer)

In the past 10 years, Michael has starred in over 35 plays (winning numerous acting awards) and 8 feature films, playing the lead role the upcoming feature film DeadHeads, and a major supporting role in the soon-to-be-released feature Pennhurst, where he stars opposite Michael Rooker, Haylie Duff, and Beverley Mitchell. Since moving to Los Angeles in March of 2006, he has shot a plethora of short films (including Suck with Ben Ketai of Ghost House Pictures; and The Men's Room, which beat out thousands of entries in the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" short film contest to make it as a finalist); as well as gained valuable experience by working behind the scenes for the best of the best in the business like Andrew Lazar (Mad Chance Productions, "Get Smart" with Steve Carrell) on the WB lot; the Agency Group; the film "The Neighbor" starring Matthew Modine and Richard Kind; Hieroglyphic Productions; and Ford Global Brand Entertainment.

Michael has also written various screenplays and plays; and in 2005, he directed his first completed full length play The Scene with the Large Man to critical acclaim in Detroit, while at the same time, his play Aisle Two was produced at the Sargent Theatre in New York City. His one-act play Evidence was produced in NYC off-Broadway in March 2011. He has also completed the screenplays Reenactment (which is currently being developed for production); MulherShooting BlanksIn Between Fading; and Aurora, co-written with Ryan Farley (writer on FX's "Justified") .

Michael is a proud member of SAG, AEA, and AFTRA.

Rick Lundgren
("Artie" / Producer)

Rick knew he wanted to be an actor when he couldn't think of anything else he was good at. After hearing that movie stars were getting paid $20 million per movie, he decided to move from Michigan to NY and study acting at the New York School for Film and television.

His first paying job was a 6 spot, national commercial campaign for Mastercard. He continued to book commercials, did a little theater and managed to land a few gigs on NY shows like Ed and Law and Order.

Before moving to LA, he went back to Michigan and booked a supporting role in the film Silent Scream, where he met Michael McKiddy.

Rick hopes Paranormal, Burbank will entertain the masses and open the door for more ghost investigators trying to get their start.

David Eyman
(Director / Writer / Co-Creator / Producer)

David took a year off after graduating from the College For Creative Studies to try his hand atwriting. His first attempt was a 250 page novel about alien abductions. David quickly switched gears and began writing in a more familiar format - screenplays. Since that time, David has written 10 screenplays and close to a dozen shorts.

When David met Michael McKiddy through a mutal friend, he knew he wanted to work with him. The two collaborated on their first project - a short, sci-fi film about time travel. They continued to work together on other projects including Plastic Tacos, a mockumentary that follows a group of wanna-be disc golfers.

Soon after moving to California, David and Michael formed The Back Row, a sketch comedy troop with the purpose of creating original content for the web. With the success of The Back Row, the two wanted to try their hand at an on-going web series and Paranormal, Burbank was born.

David has also been known to kill chickens.

Chrissy Lawver

Chrissy started dancing at the ripe age of 5. She has performed with Enrique Iglesias, Cirque de Sole, Boyz II Men and many more.

Being a performer, Chrissy decided to broaden herself and turned to acting. There was no turning back. She began booking national commercials and then she booked a supporting role in an independent feature called Silent Scream, where she met Rick Lundgren and Mike Mckiddy.

After filming wrapped, Chrissy heard Hollywood calling her name. So she packed up her car and left Michigan.

Since arriving in LA she has taken the internet by storm, working on a sketch series with JD Sharprio (still in the making), Broadcast News, and now, Paranormal, Burbank. Chrissy hopes that all of the talented people involved with Paranormal, Burbank will reach new heights of success.

Angela Duffy

An experienced stage and screen actor, Angela recently graduated with a BFA in theatre from Wayne State University. Since arriving to LA in January 2006, Angela has kept active by immersing herself in acting classes, staged readings, workshops, short films, and daily auditions. A few of her past films include After April, Secrets of Fenville, and The Pool At Dusk, among others. Favorite past theater productions are: 'night Mother, The Vagina Monologues, The House of Bernarda Alba, Black Comedy, Suburbia, Anne of Green Gables, The Outsiders, Some Kind of Love Story, and Charlotte's Web.

Angela is managed by Bruce Economou of Pine River Entertainment, and she is represented by Garry Purdy of Momentum Talent Agency.

Daniel LaPratt
("Professor Teabag")

Dan hails from Michigan. He holds an Associate of Arts Degree, from Macomb Community College, with an emphasis on acting; and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Comprehensive Theatre Studies from Northern Illinois University. He has studied and participated in projects with members of the Stratford Festival of Canada, and London's famed Green Room Club.

Favorite roles include 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (Giovanni), The Baby with the Bathwater (Daisy), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Nick), Antigone (Messenger), Lone Star (Roy), and the role he originated, The Scene with the Large Man (Rasputin)... and many more. In addition to acting, Dan is also an experienced Director of plays, such as, Laundry & Bourbon, Lone Star, Proof, and William Inge's Glory in the Flower. Dan has recently relocated to Los Angeles to continue his pursuit of acting, and a life in the arts.