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Character Profiles
(Played by Rick Lundgren)

Artie is definitely the heart and soul of Spook Squad. He started the team several years ago when he dropped out of Community College to pursue ghost hunting full-time. With a background in science, Artie approaches each assignment using logic and reason, analyzing every detail before he can claim a haunting. His goal is to capture the one piece of indisputable evidence that will prove, once and for all, the existence of an afterlife. He is professional, organized, determined, and a complete wreck ever since his girlfriend Linda dumped him.


(Played by Michael McKiddy)

If Artie is the heart and soul of the team, then Dallas is definitely the ego. He is cocky, loud, obnoxious, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Where Dallas lacks professionalism, he makes up for in enthusiasm. His heart is in the right place and he tries to contribute to the team but his ideas tend to lean toward drinking, strip clubs, or both. Dallas is a bit of a gearhead and is great with gadgets. He's always tinkering and coming up with new ghost hunting devices. Unfortunately, like his ideas, they don't always work. Artie suspects that the tough guy image is hiding something deeper underneath. Of course, he'd never tell Dallas that for fear of getting punched in the face.


(Played by Chrissy Lawver)

Linda is smart, timid, and dreams of settling down in a nice house in the suburbs where she plans to raise three kids. Oh, and did i forget to mention? She's also Artie's ex-girlfriend. Artie's decision to form a team of ghost hunters was becoming a constant source of tension on their relationship. While Artie was working hard to generate steady business with Spook Squad, Linda was ready to move on with her life. But her love for Artie wasn't letting her leave. She continued to struggle with her feelings until they became too much for her to handle on her own. She decided to take a friend's advice and seek help from a therapist. A therapist named Beuford.


(Played by Angela Duffy)

The daughter of an ultra-conservative father, Sky is constantly coming up with excuses to cover up her promiscuous ways. Fortunately for Spook Squad, those excuses usually involve the ghost of James Dean. According to Sky, the long deceased rebel movie star has been known to force cigarettes, alcohol, and himself upon her from time to time.


Professor Teabag
(Played by Daniel LaPratt)

Whenever Spook Squad needs advice, whether it's about life or ghost hunting, they always turn to their mentor, Professor Teabag. As Artie puts it, "He's like the Splinter to our ninja turtles." An established figure in the industry of paranormal research, Professor Teabag has done his fair share of ghost hunting. He also claims to have punched a ghost in the face, which has become his life motto. Semi-retired, Professor Teabag spends most of his time writing a book about his ghost hunting adventures and consulting former students. He also likes to drink Kool Aid out of a brown paper bag.